Algeria Travel Warning

Algeria Travel Warning

Terrorism In recent years there have been repeated terrorist attacks and kidnappings in Algeria, especially in the Algerian Sahara region, but also in the north and north-east of the country (especially Kabylia). The threat of terrorism, which is primarily directed against the state security forces, persists. Due to the tense security situation throughout the region […]

Transportation in Bahrain

Transportation in Bahrain

GETTING THERE Arriving by plane The regional airline Gulf Air (GF) (Internet: offers non-stop and transfer connections from Frankfurt / M. at. National airlines fly from Europe, sometimes in cooperation with Qatar Airways and Gulf Air. Air passes With the Star Alliance Middle East Airpass, travelers can explore Egypt, Bahrain, Yemen, Jordan, Qatar, Kuwait, […]

Transportation in Singapore

Transportation and Currency in Singapore

ON THE GO Traveling by plane According to youremailverifier, the Republic of Singapore Flying Club (Internet: offers sightseeing flights. On the way by car / bus Bus: Two local bus companies, SMRT Buses (Internet: and Singapore Shuttle Bus (SSB) (Internet: are for the public Local traffic responsible. In addition, minibuses and shuttle […]

Transportation in Belgium

Transportation in Belgium

ON THE GO Traveling by plane There is no domestic air traffic. Express buses run from Brussels Airport to Antwerp, Ghent and Liège (Luik / Liège). An airport bus runs between Antwerp (city) and Brussels Airport, the journey is free for some passengers (see Travel – International). On the way by car / bus Belgium […]

Burkina Faso Crime

Burkina Faso Safety

Islamist terror The jihadist attack on the “Cappuccino” restaurant and the “Hotel Splendid” on January 15, 2016 with 33 dead put an end to Burkina Faso’s reputation as a safe and quiet country. After a series of attacks, jihadists last attacked a military camp and civilians at Christmas 2019. The Federal Foreign Office has been […]

Tahiti History

Tahiti History

Early history Tahiti and the islands around it were probably founded around 1,500 years BC. populated from Tonga, Samoa and Southeast Asia. The Society Islands and Marquesa Islands were settled first. The people called themselves Maohi. Rahitea Island, then known as Hawiki. It still appears in many legends of the Polynesians, for example in the […]

Beate Uhse-Köstlin

Kaliningrad Region Famous People

Musician Michael Wieck (born 1928), German violinist and author Michael Wieck was born on July 19th in what was then Köngsberg. After the Second World War, Wieck first emigrated to Berlin, where, after studying music, he played the first violin in the RIAS Symphony Orchestra from 1952 and was the second concertmaster of the Berlin […]

New Zealand Animals

New Zealand Animals and Plants

In the beginning there was the forest Before humans discovered New Zealand, most of the vegetation consisted of trees, mixed forests that were always green. Today only 20 percent of the country is forested, especially in the west of the South Island and the north of the North Island. The Kauri tree The Kauri tree […]

The Driskill Hotel in Austin

Austin Texas Travel Guide

Not only music lovers are enthusiastic about the capital Austin. The self-proclaimed “Live Music Capital of the World” is probably the most liberal city in the state. Students and politicians meet musicians and actors here. Countless clubs in the downtown area invite you to enjoy live music of all genres in the evenings. Despite its […]

Biomass in Brazil

Biomass in Brazil

The agribusiness includes the production of energy from biomass, an area in which Brazil is a world leader, the leadership is due to the country’s competitiveness in sugar production, an area in which it has the lowest production cost in the world – according to the Association of Sugar and Alcohol Industries of the State […]

Land Structure in Brazil

Land Structure in Brazil

In Brazil’s history, there is a recurring discussion about the land tenure structure, characterizing it as excluding and generating profound socioeconomic inequalities . In the initial decades of colonization, the Portuguese Crown, in the figure of Dom João III, saw the need to “patrol” the conquered lands, starting from the coast, through an effective occupation […]

Sicily Italy

The Largest Islands in Italy

Ischia – Exotic nature and thermal springs An exotic nature that is second to none awaits you on Ischia. Fantastic gardens with extraordinary plants, great hiking trails and spectacular panoramic views attract many vacationers. In addition, Ischia is located near Naples and is therefore simply perfect for a day trip. Wellness lovers in particular get […]

Sergipe, Brazil Overview

Sergipe, Brazil Overview

The smallest state in Brazil, Sergipe is also one of the largest producers and exporters of oil and oranges in the country. The coast of the state, with untouched natural landscapes, and the historic cities listed by the heritage are an important pole of tourist attraction in the Northeast region. The state of Sergipe (in […]

Geography of Tocantins

Geography of Tocantins

A dream nurtured for almost two centuries by the population that inhabited the north of the former state of Goiás , the creation of the state of Tocantins gave an important impetus to the population of north-central Brazil and opened a new development front towards the interior of the country, in a region with a […]

All About Minas Gerais 2

The population of Minas Gerais The state of Minas Gerais has about 21 million inhabitants. In 2013, it occupied the ninth position in the ranking of the national HDI, with an index of 0.731. Life expectancy at birth was 77.7 years and the illiteracy rate reached 6% of the population in 2018. Of the total […]

Minas Gerais 1

All About Minas Gerais 1

Owner of the second largest industrial park in Brazil, Minas Gerais is one of the three richest states in the country. The mineral and steel sectors stand out, alongside historic tourism. Cradle of the gold cycle, Minas brings the marks of the past. Historical aspects Until the middle of the 17th century, the Portuguese-Brazilian presence […]

Before the trip to Saint Martin

Before the trip to Saint Martin

Passport and Visa Nordic citizens do not need a visa to travel to Saint Martin / St Marteen if you stay shorter than 30 days. Check that your passport is valid until the day after the return journey. The passport must not be cracked or broken. Vaccinations and health Make sure you have good comprehensive […]

Brazilian Biomes

Brazilian Biomes

To talk about nature in a broader and more explanatory way, it is necessary to know some key concepts, ideal for understanding it in its entirety. One of these concepts is the so-called biome . By biome, it is understood a set of ecosystems that live in balance and function in a stable way, coexisting […]

São Francisco River Basin

Major Basins in Brazil

Amazon Basin With 3.9 million km 2 , the Amazon is the largest river basin in the world. It bathes almost half of the Brazilian territory. The main river in this basin, the Amazonas, is the most extensive and the largest volume of water in the entire globe. We know that the Amazon River is […]

Brazilian river basin

Platinum Basin: the River Plate Basin

The second major Brazilian river basin is Platina, also called the La Plata Basin or the Paraná-Paraguay-Uruguay system. In addition to the 1,415,245 km 2 (or just over 16% of the Brazilian territory), the Platinum Basin covers lands in Paraguay, Argentina and Uruguay. According to, the Southern Region of Brazil is characterized by the […]

Montenegro Coastline near Kotor

Sights in Montenegro

Montenegro is an up-and-coming holiday region on the southeastern Adriatic coast. The beautiful country in the Balkans has been an independent state since June 2006 and was previously part of the Republic of Yugoslavia. The capital and at the same time the largest city of the country is Podgorica, which has around 150,000 inhabitants and […]


Algarve Travel Guide

Sunny beaches and golf in the Algarve. The Algarve has some of the best beaches in Portugal, but there are plenty to do for active holidaymakers. The Algarve in southern Portugal is one of the most popular destinations in Europe for both beach and golf holidaymakers. The area has charming towns and numerous activity opportunities. The […]


Ao Nang Travel Guide

Ao Nang offers a gateway to white sandy beaches. Ao Nang is a typical Thai package travel destination with easy access to desert islands and interesting excursion destinations. Located in Krabi, Ao Nang Resort offers guests the perfect convenience. Great trip to white beaches A tourist heading to Krabi will most likely end up staying at Ao […]


Zimbabwe Public Policy

2020 June Corruption suspect minister arrested June 19 According to the geography dictionary of Digopaul, Zimbabwe is a country located in the region of Eastern Africa. The country’s health minister Obadiah Moyo is arrested on suspicion of corruption in connection with the procurement of medical supplies that would have been used in the fight against […]


Zambia Public Policy

Current policy According to the geography dictionary of Digopaul, Zambia is a country located in the region of Eastern Africa. From 1991, when the one-party state was abolished and multi-party systems were reintroduced, and two decades ahead, Zambia was ruled by the Social Democratic Party Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD). The 2011 election led to […]


Uganda Public Policy

Current policy According to the geography dictionary of Digopaul, Uganda is a country located in the region of Eastern Africa. Before Yoweri Museveni became Ugandan president, he criticized former African leaders for sitting too long in power. Now he and his party National Resistance Movement (NRM) have often called only the Movement, governed Uganda since […]