Breastfeeding: Coffee and Drugs

Breastfeeding And Coffee (Caffeine)

If you are breastfeeding and drink 2-3 cups of coffee a day, studied by, it only affects your child very little. But a higher intake of caffeine could lead to, among other things, the child becomes restless, uneasy, and plagued by colic.

Breastfeeding And Drugs

Nursing should avoid intoxicants, since rusmidlerne goes over into the milk and can have a negative effect on milk production, the quantity of milk, the composition and the exorcism of mother’s milk.

In addition, drugs have a direct adverse effect on the infant. Any intoxicant, which can lead to a newborn will be dull and drowsy, can be instrumental in the cause of sudden infant death. Get more answers to questions about breastfeeding on

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