Acne in Pregnancy: Common but Transient Evil

Acne in Pregnancy: Common but Transient Evil

Acne in pregnancy is quite common due to the increase in hormone levels, especially in the first trimester of gestation.

Acne in Pregnancy: Common but Transient Evil

The pregnant woman is subject to hormonal changes (due to the increase in the production of progesterone and estrogens), vascular and immunological that reflect in her skin, being able among other pathologies, to cause the  acne in the pregnancy .

The gestational period is considered a time of great risk of development of alterations in the skin, reason why measures of prevention must be initiated as soon as the pregnancy is confirmed .

However, it is important to note that not all cosmetic products can be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding . For example, products containing retinoids are not recommended.

Acne is a skin disease that occurs due to increased secretion of sebum by the sebaceous glands, causing the appearance of pimples, blisters and blackheads mainly on the face, back, chest and shoulders.


During the first trimester of pregnancy, it is normal for the skin to undergo some hormonal changes, which promote the appearance of greater oiliness and favor the production of sebum.


  • Wash the skin with neutral and gentle product twice a day (morning and evening, preferably);
  • Apply a tonic lotion after washing and drying the face;
  • Apply a non-oily moisturizer, in small amount, to the face (in the morning, you can opt for a moisturizer that already contains sun protection factor);
  • If using make-up, opt for one suitable for oily and acne-prone skin;
  • To disguise acne pimples use a concealer. When buying a broker make sure it’s the right color, otherwise you may run the risk of using something that still gives more prominence to the pimples instead of disguising them. The broker should be applied over the base if using;
  • Not all anti-acne products can be used during pregnancy and should always be indicated by your doctor or pharmacist.


Good news … Pregnancy is a short phase and this hormonal change will end. However, at this stage it is necessary to treat the skin so as not to aggravate the condition.

It is essential to treat the face every night and morning. You can choose a micellar water, more practical because it is applied in cotton and it is not necessary to clean the excess product or else by a cleaning gel, if you prefer a cleaning with water.

The next step is to have a daily cream adapted to the new condition, a cream that is moisturizing and helps in the control of oiliness.

Lastly, simply exfoliate the face 2 times a week and apply a cleansing mask once a week so that oil is not accumulated in the pores.

With these care, it will minimize acne in pregnancy and have a skin with a more beautiful and healthy look.


To avoid the appearance of acne during pregnancy, choose to make a balanced diet rich in antioxidants, fiber and vegetables.

Drink plenty of water, about 1.5 liters per day and preferably out of meals.

Avoid fried, fatty foods and sweet foods.

Take a daily walk of about 30 minutes, in addition to staying in shape your skin thanks.