Ao Nang Travel Guide

Ao Nang offers a gateway to white sandy beaches. Ao Nang is a typical Thai package travel destination with easy access to desert islands and interesting excursion destinations. Located in Krabi, Ao Nang Resort offers guests the perfect convenience.


Great trip to white beaches

A tourist heading to Krabi will most likely end up staying at Ao Nang Resort, one of the busiest tourist resorts in the area. Ao Nang is best suited for a holidaymaker looking for a casual package holiday who also enjoys day trips.

Ao Nang’s beaches are easy to navigate for island tours, temple tours and diving courses. Located on the coast of southern Thailand, the resort serves as a gateway to white sandy beaches that are conveniently accessible by long tail boats. The Krabi region is known for its rugged karst rock cliffs rising from the Andaman Sea.

In addition to beach life and shopping, Ao Nang itself has very little to see, but there are plenty of interesting places to visit and stunning islands nearby. Ao Nang is also a good destination for families with children.

From Ao Nang you can make an excursion to Koh Kai or Chicken Island, for example.

The winter season is the busiest season in Ao Nang

The most pleasant time to travel to Ao Nang is after the end of the rainy season from November to the end of March, when package trips are made from Finland to the destination. Then the tropical climate is at its mildest and there is little rainfall.

Outside of the high season, a self-employed traveler vacationing in Ao Nang will experience more rainfall and fiery heat, but will benefit from lower prices and a calmer atmosphere.

Sun and activities

In Ao Nang, you can easily combine both a beach and an active holiday. In addition to lounging on the white sand, you can take part in diving and snorkeling trips at the destination under the guidance of the Finnish diving center Raya Divers.

The nearby paradise beach of Railay, on the other hand, provides a first-class setting to try climbing. Railay is considered one of the best climbing destinations in Thailand, with options for both beginners and experienced enthusiasts.

The spectacular scenery can also be seen on canoe trips that take the paddler to mysterious caves past steep cliffs and mangrove groves.

Shopping in markets and malls

Shopping opportunities in Ao Nang are concentrated along the promenade. In addition to clothing stores, there are plenty of souvenirs, home furnishings and handicrafts.

There are also numerous tailor shops on the promenade, where you can order a suit or party dress, depending on your measurements. By ordering several items of clothing at once, you can get good discounts.

A lustful shopper should take a trip to the city of Krabi, where there is not only a wider shopping offer but also cheaper prices. There are big department stores and opticians in the city, where many travelers end up buying cheap glasses. The Krabi food market, on the other hand, delights the gourmet.

Thai food and beach bars

Tourism has made Ao Nang an easy and comfortable resort with plenty of restaurants, activities and accommodation options. The locals speak English, so shopping goes smoothly in tailor shops and souvenir shops.

There are plenty of dining options ranging from traditional Thai food to pepper steaks, but prices for Western meals in particular have been slated to the top. Delicious and cheap Thai food is available at Ao Nang’s popular evening market.

Ao Nang also has plenty of nightlife. Suitable options range from stylish hotel bars to casual beach huts. However, there are no big nightclubs in the village. If sitting in the bars is not exciting, you can start the evening with a traditional Thai boxing match, for example.

Cheap fun and fun creatures

Travelers longing for quieter beaches may find Ao Nang overcrowded. In addition to Ao Nang Beach, a short walk away is Napparat Thara Beach, where you can usually find a little more of your own peace.

With tourism, prices have also risen steadily – however, the price level in the Krabi region is still favorable for Finns. For example, the prices of massages and beauty treatments are cheap. In Ao Nang, you should also try a cooking course.

Free fun is to watch the fun of monkey families at the farthest end of Ao Nang Beach. Clever creatures are accustomed to tourists and are not afraid to steal fins. So hold your belongings tightly.


Koh Kai or Chicken Island

Railay is an absolute must-visit when visiting Ao Nang.

Experience these in Ao Nang

  1. Explore the nearby islands with a long tail boat.
  2. See herds of monkeys in natural conditions on the shores of Ao Nang.
  3. Spend the day in the crystal lagoon and hot springs.
  4. Enjoy Thai food at Ao Nang Market.
  5. Take a trip to Krabi Town.

The best activities in Ao Nang

  1. Try climbing on Railay
  2. Dive or snorkel under Finnish guidance
  3. Take a canoe trip
  4. Climb the Tiger Cave Temple to improve your fitness
  5. Discover Thai food with a cooking course