Benton County, Oregon

Benton County, Oregon

Benton County is located in the Willamette Valley of Oregon, and is bordered by Linn County to the north, Lane County to the east, Polk County to the south and Yamhill County to the west. See Countryaah – Counties in Oregon. The county seat is Corvallis, which is also home to Oregon State University. The county covers an area of 1,043 square miles and has a population of 90,000 people.

The landscape of Benton County is dominated by rolling hills interspersed with rivers and streams that lead down into the Willamette Valley. The major rivers in Benton County are Marys River, Luckiamute River, Calapooia River and Alsea River. There are also several lakes located in the area including Beaver Lake, Green Peter Lake and Foster Lake.

The climate in Benton County is mild and typically experiences warm summers with cool winters. Average temperatures range from highs of 92 degrees Fahrenheit in July to lows of 33 degrees Fahrenheit in December. Precipitation levels range from an average of 3 inches per month during summer months to 8 inches per month during winter months.

Benton County offers a variety of recreational activities for its visitors such as fishing, hunting, camping and hiking along its many trails that connect various parks throughout the county including Bald Hill Natural Area Preserve and William L Finley National Wildlife Refuge. There are also numerous vineyards located throughout Benton County that offer wine tastings for guests looking for something a bit different than traditional outdoor activities.

Overall, Benton County provides plenty of outdoor recreation opportunities as well as cultural attractions like art galleries and museums for visitors looking for something unique while they explore this beautiful part of Oregon.

Benton County, Oregon

Demographics of Benton County, Oregon

Benton County, Oregon is home to a population of around 90,000 people. The racial and ethnic makeup of the county is largely white (79.6%), followed by Hispanic or Latino (7.3%), Asian (6.1%), African American (3.8%) and Native American (1.2%). The median age in the county is 33 years old with 12% of the population being under the age of 18 and 17% being over the age 65.

The median household income in Benton County is $56,000 per year with 13% of households living below the poverty line. The largest industries in Benton County are educational services, health care and social assistance, retail trade, manufacturing and professional services; these five industries account for nearly 50% of all jobs in the county.

In terms of educational attainment, 84% of adults over the age 25 have earned at least a high school diploma or equivalent while 32% have obtained a bachelor’s degree or higher from an accredited college or university; these figures are slightly higher than both state and national averages for these categories respectively.

Benton County also has a large student population due to Oregon State University located in Corvallis; this university provides both undergraduate and graduate degrees to over 30,000 students each year making it one of the largest universities in Oregon.

Overall, Benton County has a diverse demographic profile that reflects its wide range of industries and educational opportunities that make it an attractive place to live.

Places of Interest in Benton County, Oregon

Benton County, Oregon offers a wide variety of places of interest for visitors and residents alike. Nature lovers can explore the many state parks and forests located in the area, including William L. Finley National Wildlife Refuge, Alsea Bay State Park, and Corvallis-Albany Bikeway Trail. There are also plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy such as hiking, biking, fishing, and camping.

For those looking for more cultural attractions in Benton County there are several museums such as The Arts Center in Corvallis, Benton County Historical Museum in Philomath, and The Majestic Theatre in Corvallis. Additionally, visitors can take advantage of the numerous art galleries located throughout the county featuring local artists’ work.

Those looking for a unique experience should check out the wineries throughout Benton County that offer wine tastings for guests looking for something a bit different than traditional outdoor activities.

Finally, visitors can enjoy some great shopping opportunities at places like The Corvallis Farmers Market or The Shops at Timberhill Shopping Center. With so many things to do and see in Benton County it is easy to understand why it is a popular destination.

Notable People of Benton County, Oregon

Benton County, Oregon has a rich history of notable people who have made great contributions to the local community. One such person is author and conservationist William L. Finley, who wrote several books about the natural history of the Pacific Northwest and was instrumental in establishing the William L. Finley National Wildlife Refuge.

Another prominent figure from Benton County is entrepreneur and philanthropist Robert D. Clark, who founded Oregon State University in 1868 and helped shape its growth over the years.

The county also boasts a number of notable athletes including NBA player Gary Payton, NFL player Tommie Smith, and Olympic gold medalist Ashton Eaton. All three have made significant contributions to their respective sports through their success on the field or court as well as their work off it as role models for younger generations.

Benton County also has many successful businesspeople such as software developer John McAfee, Intel co-founder Robert Noyce, and real estate mogul Craig McCaw. These individuals are all examples of how hard work can pay off in Benton County.

Overall, Benton County has been home to many successful and inspirational people throughout its history that have helped shape it into what it is today: a thriving community with plenty of opportunity for those willing to work hard and make something of themselves.