Bodrum, Turkey

Landmarks of Bodrum, Turkey

According to CLOTHINGEXPRESS, Bodrum has been one of Turkey’s most popular tourist destinations for many years. The fashionable seaside resort is located in the southwest of Turkey on the Gulf of Gökova. The city has a long history that started somewhere in the seventh century BC. Bodrum has known periods when it belonged to Greece. This can still be seen today in a number of sights such as the Greek theater. Tourism in Bodrum was mainly started by the local jet set, who came here to spend tons of money. The restaurants and clubs in Bodrum are still among the hippest hangouts along the Turkish coast. The growth of tourism has ensured that holidaymakers from Europe also started to discover the city en masse.

Top 10 sights of Bodrum

#1. Harbor
The harbor of Bodrum has been of great importance to this former fishing village. Now there is mainly a lot of entertainment to be found. Many Turkish jet set and many tourists know where to find the hotels, restaurants, shops and beautiful beach at this port. In the port you can also book various excursions or make a crossing to the Greek island of Kos.

#2. Mausoleum of Halicarnassus
This Mausoleum is officially one of the Seven Ancient Wonders of the Ancient World. Freely translated, mausoleum means tomb. In this mausoleum is the urn with the ashes of Mausollos and the tomb with the remains of his wife and sister Artemisia. Due to its particularly beautiful appearance, many visitors are fascinated by it.

#3. Bodrum Castle
The Castle of Saint Peter in Bodrum is located on a peninsula in front of the harbour. Its function used to be to protect the port of Bodrum against piracy. Now the medieval castle, which is also a symbol of the city, can be visited and it is possible to visit the underwater archaeological museum or another museum in the castle. There you will find, among other things, the Ship of Uluburun in which a large amount of glass was found, and there are also finds from prehistoric times and the tomb of the Carian princess Ada of Caria.

#4. Greek Theater
On the Goktepe hill is this very old Greek theater of Bodrum. This ancient theater was probably built in 330 BC. in Hellenistic times. The theater can seat about 10,000 people and has an orchestra room. It is still in use, but only for concerts.

#5. Zeki Müren Museum
The Zeki Müren Museum is entirely dedicated to the famous Turkish singer. His first album was launched in 1951, followed by a gold record in 1955. Later he also started acting, writing music and painting. He has also been an important person for the acceptance of homosexuals in Turkey. After his death in 1996, thousands of people attended his funeral. This very successful museum was opened in 2000.

#6. Dedeman Aquapark
This very large water park was the first and largest water park in Turkey. All the attractions you expect at a water park are covered. You will find about 24 slides, crazy river, wave pool, children’s club zone and restaurants and terraces.

#7. Nightlife
Just off the boulevard of Bodrum, towards the city center is a maze of streets where you can find many entertainment venues. Very special is the floating discotheque Catamaran Club Bodrum. It has a large glass dance floor, which makes it seem that you are literally dancing on the water. Very popular is the large outdoor discotheque Harlikarnas. At least 5000 people can enjoy everything that the evening brings under the starry sky.

#8. Shopping
If you would like, you can really shop day and night in Bodrum. Many different large and small shops can be found in the center. Here you can buy plenty of counterfeit items such as fake designer clothes and expensive watches for next to nothing. If you really want the best of everything, then the OASIS Shopping Culture & Entertainment Center is the place to be. Since 1998 you will find the most luxurious shops in Bodrum here. For the little ones you can find Adventureland here, where many adventures can be experienced.

#9. Gümbet
Gümbet is a small seaside resort, which in recent years has actually melted somewhat into the larger seaside resort of Bodrum. It is also seen as the nightlife area of ​​Bodrum. Gumbet’s narrow main street is also known as ‘Bar Street’. Many entertainment venues are located here.

#10. Torba
Those who would like to avoid the hustle and bustle of Bodrum can easily take public transport to nearby Torba. This picturesque town with its green bay is located on the north coast of Bodrum. It has small pebble beaches and an authentic harbor.

Bodrum, Turkey