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Mauritius is a country located in the region of Eastern Africa. See abbreviation for Mauritius. Mauritius is a politically stable country with a well-functioning multi-party system, where power is shifted through free and universal elections. Since no party is usually large enough to gain its own majority in the National Assembly (Parliament), since independence in 1968, the country has been governed by changing coalition governments. In 2014-2016, the country was ruled by the Militant Socialist Movement (MSM), Mauritius Social Democratic Party (PMSD) and Muvman Liberater (ML) with Anerood Jugnauth as Prime Minister. At the end of 2016, PMSD left the government and shortly thereafter Pravind Jugnauth took over as head of government. His party MSM got its own majority in parliament in the 2019 elections.

The 2014 parliamentary elections led to a change of government when the People’s Alliance between the MSM and the PMSD unexpectedly won by a wide margin over the Mauritius Workers Party (MLP) and the Mauritius militant movement (MMM), which had entered into electoral cooperation. The Folkalliance formed a new government under the leadership of veteran politician Jugnauth from MSM. He thus became head of government for the third time. The clear victory of the Folk Alliance was thought to be due to promises of a better economy.

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In October of that year, President Rajkeswur Purryag of MLP had, in accordance with the constitution, dissolved the National Assembly before the election. The following month, Election Day was decided on December 10.

As is customary in Mauritanian politics, the various parties positioned themselves before the election by forming alliances with each other. Jugnauth, who was previously also president, was at the forefront of the new Folkalliance between MSM and PMSD, while MLP and MMM started a election campaign. During the election campaign, the People’s Alliance mainly emphasized economic issues. MLP and MMM, among other things, went to elections for a promise to change the constitution so that the president would be elected and not as today elected by the National Assembly.

MLP and MMM’s election loss became noticeable to the then Prime Minister and MLP leader Navinchandra Ramgoolam, who lost his seat in the National Assembly. At the same time as the election, a referendum was held to give the president increased powers, something the voters said no.

President Purryag resigned at the end of May 2015. He was replaced by Ameenah Gurib-Fakim, who had support from both the government and the opposition. The vote in Parliament on June 4 was mostly seen as a formality. She took office as president the following day.


Pravind Jugnauth takes over

In early 2017, the shift took place at the Prime Minister’s post, when Anerood Jugnauth handed over the responsibility of the government to his son Pravind. The opposition demanded that new elections be held, but the government did not agree.

Ameenah Gurib-Fakim ​​did not stay long-term in the presidential post. In March 2018, she announced that she would step down as president after Mauritius celebrated 50 years as an independent nation after she was accused of using a credit card from a voluntary private purchasing organization.

On November 7, 2019, Mauritius held parliamentary elections. It was won by the alliance

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Official name

The Republic of Mauritius / The Republic of Mauritius


republic, unitary state

Head of State

President Prithvirajsing Roopun (2019–)

Head of government

Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth (2017–)

Most important parties with mandates in the last election

Militant Socialist Movement (MSM) 38, Mauritius Workers Party 13, Mauritius Militant Movement (MMM) 9 (2019)

Main parties with mandates in the second most recent elections

Folk Alliance 51, Labor Party MMM 16, Rodriguez People’s Organization (OPR) 2 (2014)


just under 77% in the November 2019 parliamentary elections

Upcoming elections

parliamentary elections 2024



Trade talks with the United States

The US and Mauritius initiate talks on deepened trade cooperation.


presidential Visit

Chinese President Hu Jintao visits Mauritius.

Map of Mauritius