Pinjarra - surroundings

Pinjarra, Serpentine, Waroona & Co in the Peel Region

Pinjarra, Serpentine, Waroona & Co are places in the Peel Region in Western Australia , which is in turn in the Perth area. In addition to beaches and numerous nature reserves, you can also discover waterfalls, rivers and historical buildings here. Other places of interest in the Peel Region for tourists are of course the luxury city of Mandurah, Lake Clifton, Preston Beach, North Dandalup, Jarrahdale, Boddington, Wandering and Waroona. Especially from April to September, thanks to the more pleasant temperatures, you can go on very good hikes and bike tours on one of the many landscaped paths.

Activities & sights

Pinjarra (approx. 4,000 inhabitants) is the capital of horses and at the same time one of the oldest settlements in Western Australia. The place is surrounded by lush farmland, forests and herds of cattle. In Pinjarra you can wander over the suspension bridge in Cantwell Park or take a look at the historic buildings, the small zoo and the art gallery. You can take a walk on the Heritage Trail (1.2km) or the Bridle Trails. From Pinjarra we head west to the coast of the Peel region, where the pretty luxury city of Mandurah makes the start. Lake Clifton is about 25 miles south of Mandurah(approx. 50 inhabitants), where a small art festival takes place every November. The site is bordered by the 12,000 hectare Yalgorup National Park, where you can camp, swim, fish or take tours with a four-wheel drive vehicle. The image of the nature reserve is shaped by wetlands, lakes and lots of water birds. In addition, thrombolites can be explored along a wrong path in Yalgorup National Park. Thrombolites are very similar to stromatolites and arise in shallow salt water when the biofilms formed by microorganisms accumulate to form sediment crystals. At the southern end of the park is Preston Beach (approx. 200 inhabitants) with the beach of the same name, where picnic areas, BBQs and playgrounds have been set up.

If you drive north from Pinjarra to Perth , you will pass North Dandalup (approx. 250 inhabitants), Serpentine and Jarrahdale. Serpentine (approx. 1,900 inhabitants) is a popular excursion destination, as not only the Bodhinyana Monastery is located here, but also the Serpentine National Park with the Serpentine Falls. In the nature reserve, one of the 500m long walking path along the river leads directly to the viewing platforms of the Serpentine Falls. The Baldwin’s Bluff Nature Trail, on the other hand, leads to a 180m high granite rock from which you can see Perth’s skyline in the northwest. A little further off the highway is Jarrahdale(approx. 1,000 inhabitants), where there is a pub, a nice café, historical buildings, art galleries and a few wineries outside of town.

East of Pinjarra, the path leads further and further inland and thus towards the Wheatbelt . The first village called Dwellingup (approx. 450 inhabitants) is located in the Murray River Valley and is the ideal starting point for trips to Lane Poole Conservation Park. The nature reserve is suitable for longer camping holidays, bike tours, horse riding trips and hikes. You can choose from the 1000km long Bibbulmun Track (from Perth to Albany ) and the King Jarrah Track (18km). In Dwellingup itself, there isn’t much to see other than an art gallery, café, Forest Heritage Center and the Hotham Valley Tourist Railway, which runs on winter weekends. Further east is Boddington (approx. 1,400 inhabitants) and Wandering (approx. 71 inhabitants). The village of Boddington sits on the banks of the Hotham River and is surrounded by farmland, hills and forests. The surrounding area is ideal for hiking, fishing, bird-watching and, in spring, marveling at the colorful wildflowers. Furthermore, you can catch the Australian freshwater crabs marrons in summer and the Randford Pool is ideal for picnicking.

Waroona (approx. 3,000 inhabitants) should be mentioned as the last town in the south of Pinjarra . The main attractions of the sleepy place are Lake Navarino and the Waroona Dam, where you can go water skiing, fishing or swimming. At Lake Navarino it is also possible to camp and enjoy nature at night. In Waroona itself you will find cafes, art galleries, a small park and a 2.4-ton giant sofa. Various events are also held in October, including an agricultural show and the British Auto Classic.

Pinjarra - surroundings

Helpful information

Arrival & onward travel

On the Perth Bunbury Highway you pass Preston Beach and Lake Clifton from the south and then come to Mandurah. Hamel, Waroona, Pinjarra, North Dandalup, Serpentine and Jarrahdale are located on the South Western Highway, which runs parallel to Bunbury Hwy. If you drive east on the paved road from Pinjarra, you will find Dwellingup, Boddington and Wandering inland. The Mandurah Line and the TransPerth buses take you quickly and easily from Perth to the beautiful town of Mandurah. The Public Transport Authority of WA also connects Lake Clifton, Pinjarra, Dandalup, North Dandalup, Serpentine and Waroona. Another option is to travel to Perth by plane (Perth International Airport).

Tourist Information

There are two tourist offices in Mandurah, which include the Mandurah Visitor Center (75 Mandurah Terrace) and the Mandurah Visitor Welcome Center at Mandurah Station (corner of Mandurah Road & Allnutt Street). Otherwise, you have the option of receiving free information and tips at the Pinjarra Visitor Center (Fimmel Lane) or the Dwellingup Visitor Center (Marrinup Street).

Further information

Large, inexpensive supermarkets can be found in Mandurah and Pinjarra. But Halls Head, Mundijong, Dwellingup, Boddington and Waroona also have grocery and general stores with a good selection. There are various bank branches both in Mandurah and in Waroona and there are actually possibilities for refueling in all villages.