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Seychelles is a country located in the region of Eastern Africa. See abbreviation for Seychelles. The United Seychelles (formerly SPPF and Parti Lepep) have ruled the Seychelles since 1977. The party took power in a coup that year, ruled in a one-party system 1979-1993 and then won all elections until the fall of 2016, when it was defeated in the parliamentary elections by the five-party Seychelles Democratic Party. alliance (LDS). The United Seychelles still retained government power, now under the leadership of Danny Faure, who made great efforts to achieve a working collaboration with the opposition.

Just over a month after the 2016 election, then-President James Michel resigned, despite remaining in office for more than three years. The LDS, which then consisted of the Seychelles Nationalist Party (SNP) and four smaller parties, demanded a new election for the presidential post, but it was not obeyed. Instead, Vice President Danny Faure, who, like his representative, belonged to Party Lepep (in 2018, the party changed its name to the United Seychelles) over power. However, the change of power led to a political thunderstorm and a process was initiated for the Seychelles to settle with the authoritarian regime under Albert René. René was the country’s president between 1977 and 2004, but even after that he had a strong influence on politics (he died in early 2019).

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The previously left-wing governmental party had already undergone extensive liberalization of the economy before the change of power.

In his presidency, Faure emphasized the need to work with LDS to unite the country. Among other things, they agreed on several amendments to the constitution (see Political system). Another important point was the appointment of a parliamentary commission that, under the leadership of LDS leader Wavel Ramkalawan, would decide how to deal with the issues of the one-party abuses, from the coup in 1977 until the introduction of multi-party democracy in 1993. The Commission reached until June In 2018, we received over 300 complaints that dealt with everything from murder to land loss and imprisonment on incorrect grounds. It was about abuse that had created great wounds in society. The next step was taken in May 2019 when a new Truth and Reconciliation Commission took office (see furtherDemocracy and Rights).


There were several signs of change. In April 2017, James Michel resigned as leader of Parti Lepep and was replaced by Vice President Vincent Meriton. Faure chose not to participate on the grounds that he did not believe that a head of state should lead a political party. A statue depicting James Mancham, Seychelles’s first president, overthrown by Albert René in a 1977 coup (see Modern History), was erected in the Peace Park in the capital, Victoria.

This does not mean that there is no tension in Seychelles politics. Some observers pointed out that Faure risked dissatisfaction with the René loyalists who still have significant influence, not least in the police and military. Moreover, the efforts made to adapt the country’s legislation to international regulations on money laundering have, in turn, aroused opposition from parts of the opposition, much to the detriment of the competitiveness of the financial sector.

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Official name

Republic of Sesel / Republic of Seychelles


republic, unitary state

Head of State

President Danny Faure (2016–)

Head of government

President Danny Faure (2016–)

Most important parties with mandates in the last election

Seychelles Democratic Alliance 19, Party Lepep 14 (2016)

Main parties with mandates in the second most recent elections

Party Lepep (formerly SPPF) 31 (2011)


90% in the 1st round of the 2015 presidential election (87% in the 2nd), 87% in the 2016 parliamentary elections

Upcoming elections

presidential elections 2020, parliamentary elections 2021

Map of Seychelles